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Travel Soap Box 5x90g

Price: € 14,99

Composed by 5 soaps of 90g, the new TAP box offers an authentic sensory journey throughout the territory of Portugal.
For the packaging of each soap, a set of colors and cultural symbols was associated, as well as a phrase / quote in the language itself. With soaps produced with vegetable soap base and with fragrances carefully chosen for each region, is perfect to offer or for the skin daily care. 
Porto -This soap offers a bold and pacifying fragrance, composed of notes of seaweed and sea breeze, enriched with salt flower and aquatic lily.
Algarve -A soap that offers an audacious fragrance that join citrus scents with floral and spice notes.
Madeira -Offers an exotic fragrance that combines notes of ginger with tropical fruits.
Lisbon -A soap that offers a classic and timeless aroma, especially developed from the aromatic notes of the iconic Lavender colony.
Azores -This soap has a soft fragrance composed of blue hydrangea notes, contrasted by notes of lemon, cedar and musk. Giving you a feeling of freshness typical of the region.

With an easy-to-transport format, this vintage-looking gift box is inspired by boxes for stamp collectors or travel books.